1.9.2019 - Human Trafficking: How to Identify and Treat Victims in the Clinical Setting

1.9.2019 - Human Trafficking: How to Identify and Treat Victims in the Clinical Setting CE Event - Survey and Certificate


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Nominations for 2019-2020 HANP Board of Directors

Thank you for your interest in the HANP Board of Directors' nominations. This year, we are seeking candidates for President-Elect.

The President-Elect conducts the office in a manner in alignment with the goals of HANP. The President-Elect position provides a critical learning period and allows the individual to learn about the role and governing the organization before becoming President. The responsibility of the President-Elect is to assist the President to oversee all the organizations operations, educational events, and meetings. The President-Elect should take an active role in the event and activities in order to promote a sense of consistency and collaboration. 

The primary responsibilities of the President-Elect are:

  • Assist the President to oversee meetings of the Board of Directors (BOD) and organization, including agenda development and meeting facilitation
  • Provide for continuity of HANP leadership and assume the role of President in any situation where the President is unable to attend an event
  • In partnership with the BOD and members, develop the future goals and annual objectives for the entire organization
  • Serve as liaison between the BOD and the membership
  • Assist the BOD in formulating an annual budget
  • Provide for the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of annual objectives
  • Ensure regular communication with the BOD and members regarding upcoming meetings, educational events, and other HANP functions
  • Work with the President to develop future goals, annual objectives and strategize for the organization in partnership with the BOD
  • Remain current on legislative activities of interest to members
  • The President-Elect is the liaison between the Board of Directors and the Education Committee. The President-Elect is responsible as the Education Co-Chair with the objective of planning and executing the annual conference. 
  • The President-Elect will then serve as President for one year and Past President the following year.

The deadline for completing this nomination ballot is March 31, 2019. The BOD will review and verify the eligibility of candidates by April 2, 2019. President-Elect nomination bios will be posted on the website on May 1, 2019, followed by the open election voting period of June 1 - 10, 2019. The candidates will then be notified of the election results prior to announcing the President-Elect at the June 12, 2019, HANP general meeting.

Candidates must be a board-certified nurse practitioner in good standing with the Texas Board of Nursing, a member of HANP, and have attended at least 25% of the last year's meetings.


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