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President's Message

Happy Holidays! I hope that this newsletter finds everyone in good health during this unprecedented and difficult holiday season. This time of year is usually busy with shopping, baking and various parties. Often we feel a little overwhelmed or by all the busyness and dreaded the annual “office party”. Right now, I would happily go to an office party if I could. I don’t believe I’ll ever take good health and freedom to socialize for granted ever again.

One thing I have been able to do that I necessarily didn’t before whether it was lack of time or inspiration, was to just reflect on just how lucky I am. I am not a religious or spiritual person but the holidays do hold a special significance for me. I remember Christmas’ as a child as being full of stress, fighting, tears, and sometimes going hungry. True hunger is something that stays with you. As long as I have been able, I have made it a point to be able the “pay it forward”. I try to do this when the opportunity presents itself throughout the year but during the holiday, financial disparities become even more evident, especially this year. “Paying it forward" does not have to be monetary, it can just be a simple gesture of bring soup to a sick neighbor, providing some non-perishables to a food bank, or just volunteering to help serve meals to the needy. There are countless ways to make small differences in someone’s life. You never know... you may even change it! Someone’s kindness when I needed it, changed my life. Often times the simplest gestures have the greatest impact.

As we head into winter, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The COVID vaccine has been approved and already being distributed. Hopefully next year, we can do to those dreaded office parties with a renewed appreciation and we can travel to spend time with our loved ones.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: For those of you that are interested in volunteering this holiday season, CityWide has a Christmas Eve Program to pass out food. They can either use help collecting donations, sorting or passing food out. Additionally they have a drive by drop off where they will take pantry items as well as frozen turkeys or hams. Any help is greatly appreciated. Please go to

DONATION OPPORTUNITY: Also HANP member Sandra Hyder organizes a clothing and toiletry drive every year. For information on how to help, please contact her at [email protected] and click here to see the wish list.

MEMBER COVID-19 SUPPORT: Additionally as an organization we understand that some of our member have been affected by COVID. Please reach out and maybe as a group we can help. If you or a household member has been diagnosed with COVID and are financially impacted, we are offering some scholarships for one free year of membership. Please send letter with situation at [email protected]. Together...we will get through this.

Last of all... if you have a professional milestone or are just wanting to give a member a shout-out, we want to hear about it. Let’s spread some positivity!

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Upcoming Events

Important: Please remember to register for events in order to get the information for the virtual meeting link and other pertinent information. Meeting links are only sent to those who have registered. 

HANP JANUARY ce virtual meeting

Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 7 PM – 8 PM CT
Subject: Seizure
Presenter: Julie Walker, PhD, APRN, FNP, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, The UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
CE: This education activity will be submitted to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners for approval of one hour of accredited education. For more information, click here.
Members: $20
Non-Members: $25
Bundled with Conference: Complimentary (those that purchased this, will get a separate email with registration instructions)
Please consider signing up for the January event in support of HANP.

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Member News

Get an incredible new job? A promotion? Get published? Obtain additional certifications or license? Do you just have some great news you want to share? We want to know! Let us celebrate you! Please send information to [email protected].

This is a paid advertisement and the product is not endorsed by HANP. If you have any questions regarding this workshop, please contact the representative directly.

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For Your Consideration

For those that may be struggling at this time of year, please find links to various support groups.

If that is not your thing, reach out to a member or a close friend if you can. If anyone knows of any additional resources please send contact to [email protected]

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Take care everyone and we’ll see you next year. Never have I been so excited for New Year!

Stay safe and Happy Holidays,
Lauren Tezak

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