HANP Scholarship



Proof of Academic Enrollment

Please upload below a scanned letter from your program director (preferably utilizing your institution’s letterhead) that states:

  • You are a CURRENT student in an Advanced Practice Program
  • Your RN license number
  • Please send scanned letter with your completed application via email.
  • Printout of semester hours or registration will not be considered.

Please note: In order to keep the selection process impartial, please DO NOT include your name on the uploaded documents. Make sure to remove or cover any reference to your name in any of the submitted letters.  Applications that include your name will not be accepted and must be re-submitted. Please add your RN Number on ALL uploaded documents in the upper left-hand corner for tracking purposes.  We appreciate your attention to this matter. Please use the most current application. Previous versions will not be accepted.

Professional Education


Professional Nursing Experience

Professional Contributions

Professional Organizations

Community Engagement

Scholarship Essay