Scholarship FAQ


Q: What are the qualifications to apply?

  1. You must be a member of HANP for at least three months prior to the HANP scholarship deadline. Allowances are given if your membership has expired within the last 3 months but the membership is renewed.
  2. You must live or work in the Greater Houston Area and its local surroundings (caveat that Houston is vast).
  3. You must be a Registered Nurse in the State of Texas.
  4. You are currently enrolled in a post-baccalaureate program and the program has started by the time the scholarship application is due.

Q: I have been accepted into a Nurse Practitioner program and I am enrolled but the actual start of the program is a few months from now. Can I apply?

A: The program must have started by the time the application is due. For example: Spring scholarship season is due for submission in April. If your program does not start until the Fall then your application will be disqualified. You are encouraged to submit an application in the Fall season.

Q: Where does the "Letter from the Director" come from?

A: The Letter from the Director should be from the Program Director of your institution verifying your current enrollment and GPA. Screenshots of enrollment or letters of program acceptance nor screenshots/printouts of grade transcripts are not accepted. Applicants are encouraged to approach their directors early on in the application process as procuring this letter can take some time.

Q: I was awarded a HANP scholarship in the past. Can I apply again?

A: If it's for a different focus of study (different population, different degree) and/or it is for a different advanced degree in Nursing then yes, your application is eligible. 

Q: I am in a BSN to MSN Program. Can I apply?

A: Only if you have finished your undergraduate studies, you have received your Bachelor's Degree and you are currently doing Graduate level work/studies. 

Q: When are the scholarship winners announced?

A: The committee usually meets after the scholarship application deadline. Recipients are notified individually by email and then the list is posted on the HANP website. 

Q: How are the scholarship applications evaluated?

A: All applications are blinded by the administrator and are reviewed by 2 members of the committee using a matrix. All applications are then given a rank and the top candidates are awarded.