Greetings! Hope that everyone has settled into the new year and with good health. 2020 was definitely a year for the record books and I am happy to leave it behind. For months, our mantra was that we couldn’t wait until 2021 but this year so far has not been without its challenges.

We continue to be gripped in a pandemic that we have not seen in over 100 years. As a society we were extremely unprepared, not only for the virus but for the ramifications that we will likely feel for years to come. At this point, all of us have been touched directly by COVID whether we had it or a loved one has. Many have experienced loss.

Never before as a society have we been so divisive, whether it was wearing masks, getting vaccines or even our election. The issues seemed endless. Many friendships have ended. This year, it is as if so many have collectively decided to excuse or engage in bad behavior... regardless of each person stand on this issue.

As nurse practitioners / nurse practitioner students, we have been trained to not only care for others but to impart our knowledge and expertise to our patients. Sometimes though lines get blurred and we impart our own personal bias, prejudices and or stereotype. Additionally, the lines gets blurred even more when these concepts develop into aggressive and demeaning behavior. For even the most patient of people, it can be a tenuous line to follow. Read more


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