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President's Message


Dear HANP Members and Friends,

Thank you for your continued support of HANP.  Your board has been working steadily to improve HANP and our educational programs. 

Upcoming events

  •   ?Annual Conference November 3-4 "Houston We Have A Solution" will be held at Hilton Post Oak 
  • ? The Stroke Festival is fast approaching, May 6, 2017 from 8 to 3 pm at Discovery Green
      • Bilingual members would be of great help
      • Our objective is to help the community understand the importance of being active 
      • How to eat healthy
      • Obesity education
      • WE NEED YOU to HELP us be a visible member of our community, HANP we are part of the solution for Houston
  • ?June CE meeting in the works 
    • Look for further details
  • ?The Scholarship Committee is looking for new members 
    • Pre-requisites
      • An active HANP member 
      • Must be willing to review scholarship applications for fall and spring with the committee
      • This is a great opportunity for you to become a future board member for HANP
      • contact mari.galang@gmail.com 
  • ??We are looking for qualified members to be part of the board
    • Pre-requisites
      • An active HANP member
      • Must be willing to lead, serve and help carry out the mission of HANP
      • Please nominate someone you know who would be willing to serve sara@amchouston.com
  • ??Texas Nurse Practitioners (TNP) Political Action Committee (PAC) has recently embarked on its annual TNP PAC campaign: Show your NP Force. 
    • Some critical issues in the docket this session that will impact NP practice 
      • Patient access to care
      • Full practice authority 
      • APRN signature bill
      • TNP is launching an advocacy campaign for full practice authority
      • Please stay after the meeting tonight to watch this video campaign from TNP
  • ??Past events
    • A team of 40 providers from Houston travelled with HAVMED for a medical mission in the province of Albay, Phillipines
      • Several APN's were members of that team including Miles Griffin, ACNP, Mylene Supan, CRNA and Delmar Imperial-Aubin
      • The team performed 60 major operations, 80 minor surgeries, health promotion and screening, tree planting 
      • Houston Alliance of Volunteers in Medicine - HAVMed http://www.havmed.org





Thank you for your support,




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Member Meeting

Invokana - Can awaken a transformation in 
Type II Diabetes Management. 

Eugenio Cersosimo, MD


Eddie V's (City Centre)
12848 Queensberry Lane
Houston, TX 77024

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

6:00 pm Registration 
7:00 pm Presentation and Dinner

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Upcoming Events

May 10 - Monthly Member Meeting, Eddie V's

June 14 - CE Meeting, Location TBD (members and guests welcome)

July 12 - Monthly Member Meeting, Location TBD

August 9 - CE Meeting, Location TBD (members and guests welcome)

September 13 - Annual Meeting - CE Meeting FREE to all Members

October 11 - Monthly Member Meeting, Location TBD

November 3 & 4 - Annual Conference at Hilton Post Oak

December 13 - CE Meeting, Location TBD (members and guests welcome)



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