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President's Message

Dear HANP Members

I hope that each and every one of you and your families are safe after the recent catastrophic event that has afflicted our community.  It has been an honor a privilege serving and representing each and every one of you for 2016-17 along with our board members. This year we have accomplished a great deal as a small organization. We have shifted our focus to provide you CEUs and generated revenues to buy equipment for our organization and fund our scholarships. We continue to strive to provide you quality educational programs and an association that allows us to network and discuss the issues that we face in the realm of advanced practice nursing. Our presence is continuing to grow in the Houston Community, this year we were invited in the Stomp out Stroke Festival with the Memorial Herman.  We appreciate your continued support as HANP continues to grow as an organization we wish for you to be part of that journey. Our community counts on you, your support and your time to volunteer.

Some of the highlights of the year:

Committees 2016-2017

  •        Education Committee – the role of this committee is to plan the annual HANP conference. Contact Paula Westergren for details
  •        Scholarship Committee – the role of this committee is to review scholarship applications spring and fall. Contact Mari Galang for details
  •        Stay tuned for additional committees opening for 2017-18

Monthly Topics Covered for 2016-2017

  •        Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: My Experience
  •        Hypophosphatasia: A Metabolic Bone Disorder
  •        Asif Ali, MD
  •        Spotlight Karaoke Celebration for NP Week
  •        Endovascular and vascular screening, treatment options, procedures and clinical outcomes
  •        Heart Failure Management And Cardio MEMS ,a paradigm shift.
  •        XARELTO® Pivotal Trials and Recently Published  Real World Evidence in DVT/PE
  •        Life After Stroke (CE)
  •        The Incretin System in Glucose Homeostasis in T2DM
  •        Invokana - Can awaken a transformation in Type II Diabetes Management.
  •        Peripheral Artery Disease (CE)
  •        Harvoni and Epsclusa: Bridging a Gap for Patients
  •        Hopitalization with CHF (CE)
  •        Media Training For NPs (CE)
  •        November 3-4 Annual Conference at Hilton Post Oak

o   November 3 – work shop featuring suturing and wound care

o   November 4 – Conference

  •        December ERAS Pepper Santa Ana

What’s in store for 2018 for monthly meetings?

            We are working on some exciting programs. 2018 will be 50% CE meetings and 50% pharma sponsored meetings. Our CE meetings will cover TNP legislative updates, infectious disease issues, artificial intelligence, thyroid cancer and surviving it and dialysis access. We hope that you will continue to support our board in the coming year. As we continue to evolve as an organization we hope to have your continued support.

What’s going on in our community?

            Harvey has left our community with significant scars and damages that has taken on a significant toll. We all can do our share to help rebuild the Houston Community. In the coming months there will be countless opportunities for us to serve and help Houston. The first opportunity that we can help with is NRG with the displaced community members. Currently they are looking for volunteers. Shifts available are listed below and your contact will be Katie Craig HCMS Volunteer 713-524-4267 ex. 231. What to bring: TXDL, your BON certification, your ID.  Parking/Entrance Instructions: Enter off Kirby and McNee Street. (The Red Lot). Let the parking attendants know you are an HCMS physician volunteer and they will instruct you where to park. Park as close to NRG Center as possible. Use the entrance in the far-left corner identified by the volunteer banner. Check in at the PHYSICIAN volunteer desk and tell them you are an HCMS volunteer. This check in area is for ALL that are scheduled through HCMS

  •        Wednesday, September 13

o   12am – 8am

  •        Thursday, September 14

o   12am – 8am

o   8am – 4pm

o   4pm – 12 am


  •        Friday, September 15

o   12am – 8am

  •        Monday, September 18

o   4pm – 12am

  •        Tuesday, September 19

o   12am – 8am

o   8am – 4pm

o   4pm – 12am

  •        Wednesday, September 20

o   12am – 8am

o   4pm – 12am

  •        Thursday, September 21

o   12am – 8am

o   8am – 4pm

o   4pm – 12am

  •        Friday, September 22

o   12am – 8am

o   4pm – 12am

  •        Saturday, September 23

o   8am – 4pm

o   4pm – 12am

  •        Sunday, September 24

o   12am – 8am

o   4pm – 12am

Please stay tuned to additional community volunteering activities to help Houston in our Harvey Recovery Efforts. Please also complete the survey assessment to determine if any of our member were affected by Harvey to determine how we can assist in some small way.  Please also complete a survey regarding the board and our programs.

Important Dates to Note for HANP members to learn and know

•           Financials provided monthly to Board

•           Fiscal year runs from September 1 – August 31

•           First Tuesday of every month – Board of Directors meeting

•           Second Monday of every month – newsletter sent out to distribution list

•           Second Wednesday of every month – HANP dinner meeting (50% CE, %50 Pharma sponsored)

•           Third Tuesday of every month – Education / Conference Committee meeting

•           September 1 – New officers assume office

•           September – 2nd Wed of the month – Annual Meeting and Installation of Officers

•           October – Fall scholarship applications open

•           November conference – fall scholarships announced and presented

•           November first Friday and Saturday – Annual conference

•           January 15 – Taxes due

•           February 1 – Begin call for nominations

•           March 31 – Nominations end

•           April 1 – spring scholarship applications open

•           May 1 – Nominees’ bios and headshots will be posted to the website for membership to review

•           May dinner meeting – spring scholarships announced and presented

•           May 31 – Ballots will be emailed to membership

•           June 1 10 – Elections will be open, closing June 10th

•           June – SW to work on next year’s budget with incoming Treasurer

•           June / July – Board retreat, final approval of next year’s budget

Well dear friends and fellow nurse practitioners the year has been a great experience learning about the works of a nonprofit organization and being of service. We hope that you will continue to support HANP and help us shape the future of this organization.  We would like to thank our corporate partners Health South, Hazel Orbe for sponsoring our CE meetings for 2016-2017; Janzen, Medtronic, Xenoport, Depomed, Lilly, Abbott and our friends who have given their time and expertise during our CE meetings for free.

This short newsletter has given you some of the highlights of the past and our future endeavors. Please help us as we aim to rebrand our organization by reviewing our future logo. Send us a brief note about the proposed logo at, which one do you like?



It is with much humble gratitude that I end this note and presidency to those who have supported HANP and its current executive board. To those who asked questions, made suggestions, to those who answered the call to serve thank you. Please welcome the new board for 2017-2018

  •        Pepper Santa Ana – President
  •        Elizabeth Giglioti – President elect
  •        Delmar Imperial-Aubin – Past President
  •        Mari Galang- Treasurer
  •        Blanca Barrerra – Secretary

With Gratitude,

Delmar Imperial-Aubin
2016-2017 HANP President






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